The Mission

It's simple. Be relevant.

The Power of Personalization

Today's consumers are inundated with information overload and increasing distractions. Their attention spans are shrinking, and it's not enough to simply have a presence in multiple digital and physical channels to engage with your customers. Now, individuals both expect and demand brands enrich their lives with personalized experiences.

People know the difference between generic batch-and-blast messaging and tailored customer experiences. Your customers don't want to be just another data point. They know you're capable of more and want to feel appreciated. Now more than ever, brands are turning to personalization and individualized experiences to add value and advance their customer relationships.

Businesses committed to the art and science of individualization see significant increases in sales and repeat purchases. By using actionable insights, brands across every industry and in every channel are driving engagement and customer loyalty to new heights.

What is Personalization?

The word "personalization" is on almost every company's website and every trade show booth, but only a fraction of organizations are armed to leverage it effectively.

So, what is personalization?

On a basic level, personalized experiences are a series of engagements and interactions that are relevant to a customer or prospect. Personalization goes much farther than segmentation and customization. It's all about ONE person in ONE moment in time.

To provide seamless experiences for each individual across ever digital and physical touchpoint, businesses use personal user data from past interactions as well as real-time behavior to tailor relevant offers, messaging, products, and much more to the customer.

Many organizations today practice primitive personalization tactics, such as using a first name in email communication. True personalization is 100% unique to an individual based on the vast amounts of contextual data available to make the experience meaningful.

The Creation of Personalization ONE

Personalization has long been the ultimate goal for all customer interactions and communications, and yet, it’s often seemingly unattainable either due to lack in knowledge, tech, or resources. Personalization ONE was created with the sole purpose of pushing the boundaries of individualized experiences and doing so efficiently.

Personalization has no vertical, horizontal, or channel boundaries. Whether it’s B2C or B2B, through sales, marketing, or customer service, solution providers have made personalization possible at every turn. Personalization ONE is dedicated to providing resources, sharing best practices, aggregating news, providing editorials, conducting research, and hosting events to advance the practice and adoption of personalization.

Personalization ONE is the brain child of Dustin Ritter, a former business analyst and product marketer turned marketing executive who has become one of the most predominant advocates for personalization. Experienced in both B2B and B2C, Dustin implemented personalization through nearly every channel for midsize companies, challenging the notion that personalization was only for large, complex use cases.